“We make our food very similar to cocaine now” Dr. from the Department of Energy confirms that food is made to be addictive!!!

Can you believe it?!?!? New research is out that is saying that high-fat, high-calorie (a.k.a. “fake food” or “food-like substances”) create a chemical response in the brain that looks very much like a drug addiction. Now they are not talking about your “good fats”, the kind you get from real food, but overprocessed food-like substance […]
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Back to School: Giving you kids the tools they need (5 items you won’t find on the supply list…)

For some, back to school is a great time of year. Kids are excited to see friends they haven’t seen all summer, excited about a new teacher and learning new things. Parents are happy to have kids back in school again and everyone gains a bit more structure in their lives. For others, parents and […]
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We’ve been working hard to make it easy for you to get information on massage, diet, nutrition and cooking all in one place. We’ve now linked our newsletter to our blog so that you can go back and read articles and recipies on the blog long after the newsletter has been sent. That said, it’s […]
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