Massage: Luxury or Health Care?

You wouldn’t think of the dentist, your doctor or any other health care specialist an optional luxury would you? What about working out, eating right, those aren’t optional either, right? What about massage? Do you or your friends still think that massage is an optional luxury? Now I’m not talking about paying someone to put […]
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Exercise is more than just calories in, calories out

Do you often feel that exercise is often a “have to” or a “should” not a “want to”? Most of us often feel like exercise has to be hours spent at the gym, sweating and short of breath. There is so much more to exercise than being forced into a gym to sweat and gasp […]
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Just Sit and Breathe: The Basics of Meditation

Many people we talk to, friends, clients, co-workers, express that they can’t meditate. We often hear “well, I tried, but my brain keeps going, I just can’t do it.” Others say “I meditate because it’s supposed to relieve stress, help me sleep better, increase my energy, etc. and it doesn’t do any of those things […]
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