You don’t have to be an athlete to be active

Most people I talk to really downplay their level of activity. I LOVE that Colorado really supports such an active lifestyle, but sometimes I feel that there is a lot of stress and competition out there to define what an active lifestyle really is. You don’t have to be riding Rist Canyon every week to […]
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5 Reasons Massage should be a necessary part of your training

As an athlete you stay well hydrated, drink electrolytes when necessary, (hopefully) stretch before and after training and events, alter your diet to give you the most beneficial calories available, buy all the right gear, have it fitted and sized to your unique needs, plan your training to give you the best advantage for each […]
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How often should I get a massage?

If you ask a massage therapist this, most of them will say “As much as you can!” This is because they know the amazing benefits of massage. Our goal today is to help you clarify and decide how often you need a massage based on your needs. Because every-body is different the answer to this […]
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