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4 Days to Reclaim your Holiday Joy: Step 4 Be Realistic

Hopefully by now you have a really good sense of what your perfect, dreamy, stress free holiday would look like. Now here's the bad news....That's probably not how it's going to go. So my husband hates this phrase. Maybe you do too....read to discover easy ways to balance your dream with the reality and still get what you want.

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4 Days to Reclaim your Holiday Joy: Day 2 Saying No

Saying no is hard. Saying no means we are putting ourself first, taking a stand for what we need and want. Saying no means we are declaring our desire. Saying no means that something or someone isn't working for us. Saying no may hurt someone's feelings. Saying no may create tension. Some people might not like when we say no. When we realize that supporting ourselves can feel better and more fulfilling than having the support of others, saying no gets easier.

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