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4 Days to Reclaim your Holiday Joy

4 Days to Reclaim your Holiday Joy

reclaim-your-holiday-joyThe holidays are upon us and there are at least a million blog posts about how to survive them. Somehow, the most magical time of the year quickly becomes the most stressful time of year.

Let’s stop that. Let’s make this the year that you take the holiday back and make it magical for YOU.

Through the next 4 days we’ll look at practical, realistic ways that you can bring some joy back into the holiday season and kick the stress and expectations to the cold curb.

We’ll give you tools to use to identify what’s important to you and how to implement your desires. We’re not just going to mantra the holiday stress away. But we’re also not going to complicate things so much that this just becomes another stressor.

Over the next 4 days we will identify your holiday fears and desires, help you get comfortable saying no without having to justify yourself, feel confident and excited to say yes to the events and moments you really desire. We’ll help you redefine why and how the holidays feel good to you so that you can nourish, play, give, receive and connect through the holiday season.

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