50 Ways to care for yourself

Sometimes we just need a reminder on how to take care of our self. When things get heavy, come back to this list and pick one thing that feels good.

Better yet, print this list out and cut out each idea, put them in a jar and next time you’re feeling blue or unsure of how to best love on yourself, pick one out of the jar and take some time to care for yourself.

  1. Read a book on a topic that interests you with a cup of tea and some chocolate
  2. Go to the gym with out a plan and ask your body what it needs today
  3. Take a yoga class that challenges your comfort zone
  4. Color mandalas and frame them as artwork in your home
  5. Get a massage, Craniosacral Therapy session or other bodywork and tell the therapist exactly what you need
  6. Get that hair cut you’ve been dreaming of but too scared to get
  7. Cook yourself a really great dinner, get out the china and silverware
  8. Dance around the house
  9. Stay in bed until you are ready to get up, or just stay in bed!
  10. Do a craft that expresses your creative self
  11. Take voice lessons
  12. Allow yourself to move through your day with out a “to do” list
  13. Take a class on a topic that really interests you
  14. Rearrange your bedroom
  15. Ask for help with something
  16. Say “No” to something without feeling guilty
  17. Take a day off of work, just because
  18. Volunteer with a cause that you believe in, even if you don’t have any experience, or think you have anything to offer
  19. Call your mom
  20. Don’t call your mom
  21. Be brave about something that scares you
  22. Stop saying you’re sorry for everything, say “thank you” instead
  23. Take an art class even if you can’t draw a stick figure
  24. Buy a coffee for the person behind you in line, just because
  25. Allow yourself to receive a complement….just say “Thank You” and really feel the compliment
  26. Speak your truth
  27. Sit quietly and ask you body, mind and spirit what it needs
  28. Write yourself a love note on the bathroom mirror
  29. Cuddle with a furry four legged friend
  30. Make a list of all the things that you’ve accomplished in life
  31. Make a list of all of the things that you can accomplish in the future
  32. Sleep naked on clean sheets in the spring with the window open
  33. Walk outside barefoot, feeling the cool earth on your feet
  34. Get out in nature, go for a hike, a walk, get outside where it’s quiet
  35. Turn your phone and computer off for a day
  36. Create a nighttime self-care ritual
  37. Acknowledge your worth in this world
  38. Connect with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, over the phone or in person.
  39. Take deep breaths
  40. Go on a Netflix binge
  41. Ride a bike
  42. Blow bubbles
  43. Watch the stars
  44. Smile at people (it makes you feel good too)
  45. Get and give hugs (adults don’t get enough!)
  46. Laugh, a lot
  47. Forgive yourself: we are not meant to be perfect beings
  48. Open your heart and mind to new possibilities
  49. Grow something
  50. Build something

Let us know how it goes! Post your self care moments under #SelfCareSaturday on Facebook or Instagram and share how you Self Care.