Full Moon Healing – March 8th



Join us as we gather together to heal ourselves as individuals and as a collective community.
Using guided meditation, drumming, singing bowls, light codes and energy work we will come together to experience a deep connection to self.
This month we will focus on growth. What is growing in you, what is calling you to be nurtured and tended to? What do we want to see growing in the collective?
We’ll join together in sacred circle to declare what we are growing within us and what we want to see grow in the world. From there you’ll be invited to rest comfortably while you are reminded of your wholeness through sound and energetic healing.
We’ll circle up at 6:15, please arrive a little early to get comfy and settle in. After we declare our desires, you will be held in healing space for 90 minutes. During this time you will receive group as well as one on one / hands on healing.
After our healing time, you will be invited to journal or process through art. We will close with a sharing of our experience before closing circle for the evening.
Please join us for this powerful time.
Space is limited to 10 people. Cost is $50 per person.
Please also bring:
– a yoga mat and blanket, pillow for extra comfort
– a journal and a pen