Who knew Fall could be so tough on the body???

Fall can be tough on the body.

Not only do you have the seemingly never ending yard work but your fun time activities are likely to change as well. Maybe you’re used to running or biking outdoors, but fall and winter bring you onto a treadmill or stationary bike. Maybe you get more sedentary in the fall? Living in Colorado, our Fort Collins Massage Therapists also see clients that get excited about the fall and winter season. Otherwise known here as ski season!!

What ever your passion, fall is likely to bring a big change to your activity levels.

It is common that as activities change injury or soreness increases. Massage can be very helpful during these transition periods. Your massage therapist can help identify areas that are being challenged more than others. Your massage therapist can also help to identify muscles that are weak or underperforming, giving you great insight to areas that need your attention and focus.

Maybe your not a “I need a massage once a month” type. Seasonal massages are a great way to check in with your body as the seasons and your activities change to make sure you’re on top of your game all year long.

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