Are you on your holiday list?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….so they say. It can be, don’t get me wrong, but the reality is the holidays can be really stressful.

What if you put yourself first on your shopping list this holiday season?

Not in a selfish, ‘I’m getting all the things’ sort of way. Anin order for me to enjoy the holidays and be present with those I love sort of way.

Seriously. Here me out. Think to years past, as you are shopping the end of the year away. Worried if you’ve gotten enough for one person, too much for another, this present is too large, this one is too small, will they notice? compare?

Where are you on you shopping list? At the bottom? Are you even on there?

What if this year you shopped for yourself first? Shopped for yourself so you could be present with the holiday season. Shopped for yourself so you could enjoy the moments that make the holidays so magical.

What would that look like? Of course, we’re bias to scheduling yourself a massage. Let’s talk about why.

Massage is a great way to get out of your head and into your body. When we’re in our head, worried about who you got gifts for, didn’t get gifts for, too big, too small, will they like it….. When we’re in our head, we can’t be in the moment. We lose out on the magic of being in the moment. Massage is a great way to get in your body, reconnect with the physical parts of yourself that need as much attention as shopping for gifts.

When we’re in our bodies, we can be present, we can be in the moment and respond to what is needed rather than react to stress of the season.

Massage really can make the holidays better. Before you go shopping, schedule yourself a massage. Let one of our Fort Collins Massage Therapists know what your plans are for the day and they will tailor a massage that will leave you feeling present, in your body and energized to move through the holiday crowds with ease.