Mamas….you need a little Raindrop in your life

Hey there Mamas…..summer is over, you survived it. The play dates, the million and one activities, the heat, the play, thraindrop on leafe skinned knees…..you survived it.

And now they’re back in school, and you survived that too.

But your exhausted. And just in time for the kiddos to start bringing home the bug de jour. So you’re exhausted, you’ve got megga brain fog, coffee isn’t cutting it anymore, you’re tired and your immune system is about to be bombarded by whatever flu strain is being passed around this year.

It doesn’t feel like you can win….or does it?

Raindrop Therapy is how you win this season.

Not only is this a super amazing, pampering, oh-my-gosh, haven’t felt this good in I don’t know how long treatment, but it is also a really powerful boost for your immune system, helping to block any bugs that come your way.

Sounds too good to be true. Not from us….we don’t do that kind of icky, sales-y thing.

Nope, this is the honest to goodness truth.

For about 15 years, Raindrop Therapy has been my natural (and indulgent) natural flu shot and it works every time.

So what is it?

Raindrop Therapy is an application of 7 essential oils and two essential oil blends feather stroked into the spine and massaged into the feet followed up with a hot towel compress and 30 minute massage. In other words…..pure. and. total. bliss.

The oils that make up this blissful treatment are known for their anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti- microbial, kind of anti-everything properties.

In short Raindrop can help with:

  • Brain Fog
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Muscle Tension
  • Insomnia
  • Boosting Immune Function

Not a bad deal for such a blissful treatment. Now lets look at the scienc-y part. If this isn’t your thing, you can scroll down to “What can I expect” to get the details on this super dreamy treatment.

How do essential oils work?

One word. Frequency. Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between two points. Everything has a frequency including human cells and essential oils. By applying oils to the body we are raising the frequency.

  • Human Brain                       72-90 MHz
  • Human Body                        62-68 MHz
  • Cold symptoms                    58 MHz
  • Flu Symptoms                      57 MHz
  • Candida                                 55 MHz
  • Epstein Barr                         52 MHz
  • Cancer                                   42 MHz
  • Death begins at                   25 MHz
  • Processed/Canned food     0 MHz
  • Fresh produce                     up to 15 MHz
  • Dry herbs                             12-22 MHz
  • Fresh herbs                          20-27 MHz
  • Essential oils                        52-320 MHz

Thoughts also have measureable frequency… Negative thoughts lowered the measured frequency by 12 MHz and positive thoughts raised the measured frequency by 10 MHz.  It was also found that prayer and meditation increased the measured frequency levels by 15 MHz.

Everything that has every happened to us is stored within our nervous system. This includes every virus, bacteria or other illness that we have encountered. We never really get rid of any of these illnesses; they stay in our nervous system and our body produces antibodies to keep the unwanted affects of these old illnesses dormant. We expend a lot energy on a daily basis keeping these illnesses at bay so that we are not continually sick. The oils used in Raindrop Therapy are highly anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-infectious (just to name a few). By applying these oils to the spinal reflexology areas of the feet and directly into the spine, we are able to kill off the illness lying dormant in our bodies. Restoring health, energy and vitality.

Often you will experience redness, itching, heat, or other sensation after the oils have been applied. This can give us information about where the body may be healing. Sensations in the upper back can indicate healing in the heart, lungs, shoulders or cervical area. Mid-back irritation can signify healing in the digestive tract and low back relates to elimination or reproductive issues. Over time, we look for the reaction to the application to decrease, change or go away all together. (NOTE: **This is NOT a diagnostic process, but one that informs us about where you body may be needing extra support. Always check with a medical doctor if you feel that you have a medical issue.)

The oils will have a systemic effect on the body. Even if you does not experience any sensation from the treatment, they are still receiving tremendous benefit. The oils used in Raindrop Therapy will continue to work in the body for approximately a week after the treatment.

The oils used in Raindrop are specifically used to target bacteria, viruses, fungus and all the other little bugs that make us sick.

What can I expect?

Your Raindrop session will start with your therapist doing a full intake that covers our 5 Areas of Discovery – Structure, Function, History, Desires and Activities. From here you’ll be given ample time to get on the massage table and relax. When your therapist returns, they will begin by dropping a blend of oils on your upper back and gently working this into your sore, tense, muscles.

After this, they will gently drop a series of 7 oils onto your spine, gently feather stroking each oil into your back.

Next, a hot towel compress is gently placed on your back to help open up your pores, letting the oils in and relaxing any tense muscle.

As the hot towel compress leads you deeper into relaxation, the therapist will then work the same oils into your feet using reflexology.

If that wasn’t good enough, they will finish with a hot towel compress on your feet. While that is further melting you into relaxation, your therapist will finish with a massage to your back and neck to get out any remaining tight spots.

After that, you pretty much float off the table.

Ready to schedule your Raindrop Session? During the month of September we are offering $15 off your Raindrop Treatment. Schedule here.