New Beginnings

Discover Massage just got an makeover and we couldn’t be happier. This logo, designed by Clay Pot Creative represents so much for us. ⁠

New website, new logo, but the care you receive from us will never change. This logo means so much to us and represents so much of what we do.

The hand is at the center of all that we do. It is there to remind you that you are in good hands anytime you see us. ⁠

The lotus flowers represent our four values Community, Health, Education and Playfulness. ⁠

The leaves remind us of all the directions that our clients come from. ⁠

Wherever you are from, whatever your background, you are welcomed here. ⁠

The new logo and new website indeed feel like new beginnings for Discover Massage. We feel that this new image represents a more mature and grounded version of who we are. More than ever we are clear on who we are and who we serve.

Although our look has changed, there is so much that hasn’t changed. We are still a female owned local Fort Collins business who’s number one focus is our clients. We are still a relationship based massage clinic that wants to know who are clients are as people, not as their pain. Our goal is still to help you do more of what you love to do.

As much as things have changed, the care and attention you receive from us won’t ever change.