Corporate Wellness

Happy and healthy employees positively affect the success of your company.

Workplace Chair Massage is customized to your location's specific needs to create a positive and healthy work environment.

Workplace Chair Massage has been shown to increase productivity, decrease turnover, improve teamwork and moral and save companies money by reducing employee’s time off due to stress and pain. Choose from our Corporate Wellness Programs or one-time Wellness Events.

Our Corporate Wellness team is trained to provide VIP care to your staff with efficiency, skill and customized care.

Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Discount on all Corporate Services
  • Ongoing care for your team (minimum 3 hours per quarter, 12-month commitment)
  • Each hour can accommodate 2 – 12 employees, per therapist
  • Employees receive discounted pricing on in-house services
  • Interactive and motivational health talks offered quarterly

Wellness Event

  • One time chair massage event
  • Minimum of one hour
  • Each hour can accommodate 2 – 12 employees, per therapist
  • One day event pricing on in-house massage for employees
Corporate Wellness
Massage Cupping

Massage Cupping



*5 Free Massage Cupping with purchase of a 12-month Wellness Membership.

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Our Massage Therapists are licensed and certified to help you with your specialized needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that receiving a massage, especially your first massage, can come with a lot of questions. Below are some questions that we get very often from clients just like you. We hope that they help you on your journey to optimum health. If we haven’t answered your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I schedule?

You can schedule by calling 970-581-2298 or by emailing us at info@discovermassage.org.

What is the difference between a Corporate Wellness Event and Corporate Wellness Care?

Frequency. A Corporate Wellness Event is a stand alone event and is great for when your team meets a big deadline, secures a large account or for when you’re having an employee appreciation day. Corporate Wellness Care is an ongoing commitment to your team’s health and wellness. Wellness Care is a commitment to have a minimum of 3 hours of chair massage scheduled per quarter. Wellness Care also gives your team in-house perks, special rates and an ongoing commitment by our Wellness Team to care for and educate your team on their health and wellness.

How many employees can your Wellness Team take care of?

One Wellness Therapist can care for 2 to 12 employees per hour. Massages range anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes based on the number of employees you have, the time available and your budget. We will work with you to determine the perfect fit for your situation.

How do you determine how much time to schedule?

We have been providing Corporate Wellness care in Fort Collins for almost 20 years. On average we see about a 75% participation rate during Corporate Wellness Event. We use this to determine how many employees we can expect to participate in the event. From there, we will work with you to decide if you would like 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 minute massages for each of your employees. This gives us a minimum amount of time that we can expect to be there.  We do make sure that our wellness team is available for additional time should you have a higher participation rate.

Will this disrupt work-flow for the day?

With a little bit of planning Corporate Wellness Events should have little disruption to your workflow for the day. Approximately a week before your event you will receive a sign up sheet that includes times for each employee to sign up. This helps to keep your work environment organized and minimally disrupted for the day. This also helps us to manage your time efficiently keeping your cost down.

What kind of space or set up do we need to provide Corporate Wellness services to our employees?

We provide everything you need for your corporate wellness events including headphones with relaxing music, aromatherapy and educational information to keep your employees pain-free and feeling good. Our Wellness Therapist need a small area such as a back-office or break room to set up in. Ideally a space that everyone on your team has access to. It is also helpful for our Wellness Therapist to have a point of contact on the day of your events that can help coordinate employees.