Stop the Crazy and Create Sanity with Ease this year

As I look through the hundreds of Facebook and Instagram posts I can’t help but think….What if we started every day with the hope, aliveness, optimism and sense of adventure that we do on January 1st? What would your life look like then?

What if we stopped idealizing the idea of a clean slate once a year and started approaching each day with a sense of wonder, empowerment and realistic hope?

The truth is, shit is going to hit the fan in 2017 too. We are going to be disappointed, we are going to disappoint. We will struggle with goals, deadlines, fears, hopes and desires. People we love, celebrities that have touched our lives in inexplicable ways will pass. I won’t go into politics, but I’m pretty sure we’re guaranteed an “interesting” year there at well.

Not to be a downer, these moments are what make life rich and meaningful. These aren’t “bad” moments unless we define them as so. When we start defining our moments in terms of good and bad, successful and unsuccessful, black and white…..this is where life gets tough. There is beauty in everything, even the bad stuff.

I hate resolutions…..they set you up for failure. Intentional, daily living is much easier, much more attainable and leaves you feeling satisfied at the end of the day. Not chasing some impossible resolution you set, just because it was the beginning of the year.

Here are four ways that I live intentionally on a daily basis:

1.) Dream Day vs. Reality

Often our days get filled with things that we don’t need or want. Use tsarah-reality-vs-dream-dayhe worksheet here to look at where you are spending your time vs. how you want to spend your time.

Think of all the time you spend on social media or watching TV that could be spent doing something that you really want to do? It won’t change overnight, but looking clearly at how you are spending (or wasting) your time can really put things into perspective.

Here is an example of my reality vs. dream day. Now this is SUPER simplified, but you get the point. Use a separate piece of paper if you need to the point is to start to really take a look at how you are spending your time so you don’t get to December 31, 2017 and think “What did I do with myself this year?!?!?”

2.) Daily Desires

Make time daily to record what you desire. A better relationship with your partner or kiddos? Write it down. Make more money? Write it down. Work out? Eat better? Write it down.

There is something about writing it down that helps make the commitment. I use my daily desire time to engage with the Universe. You can use God, Allah, Higher Self, Spiritual Guides, whatever/whoever you go to for spiritual help and guidance. This is your time to be in active prayer/meditation with the Source.

Sometimes when I don’t know what to ask for, I ask for help to get clear with what I want. This doesn’t have to be some lengthy journaling process, but it can be if you want. I write no more than 4-5 lines of desire every night and it has done wonders in my life.

Making more money, being happier, creating community, knowing my purpose in life has all come from writing down my daily desires.

3.) Replace your I’m sorry’s with Thank You’s

There is something very freeing and honoring about Thank You’s. Saying your sorry for every little thing is diminishing. If you’re late, instead of apologizing, you can say thank you for being patient. If you’ve lost your cool, as long as no true apology is needed, you can thank the person for being there for you during an ugly moment.

Spend a day noticing how often you say “I’m sorry” when you could instead say “Thank You”.

Turning your “I’m sorry’s” into “Thank you’s” not only will have you feeling better, but you’ll be able to honor the people around you for supporting you and loving you in the ways that you need.

4.) Passion vs. Playing it small

STOP PLAYING IT SMALL!!! What are you holding back from? What is that deep dream that keeps you up at night?

Commit to taking baby steps to move towards this passion. If you have a passion, I guarantee the world needs it. Your community needs it.

It is terrifying to declare a desire, let alone start taking action towards it, but life is not meant to be lived in a small way. Use the tools above to declare your passion to the Universe and watch how things start lining up for you.

The point is that EVERY DAY is the start of a blank 365 page book. Every day is the beginning of the rest of your life. Every day is a new chance to do something great. Every day is the start of something new. Every day is something new.

It’s up to you to wake up every morning and live your life that way. If I were to make a resolution, that would be mine. Wake up every single morning as if it was the first day of the rest of my life.