Caleb Beecham


Caleb began his career in therapeutic massage because he was inspired by the relief this  integrative care gave him in managing his own low back and hip pain. He attended the Healing Arts Academy here in Fort Collins and is a spring 2018 graduate of their 600 hour program.

Caleb loves  working with people who have a willingness to try something new and are ready for a positive change.  He enjoys catering his sessions to a client’s specific needs to help them with problems such as posture, range of motion, accident recovery and preparing for athletic events.  Most recently, Caleb completed his Neuromuscular Therapist Certification adding a deep skill set to his knowledge base.

When he’s not at Discover Massage helping people feel their best, you can find Caleb cooking big meals for his awesome family,  outside getting his hands dirty in his garden or working in his greenhouse.

Caleb is a good fit for you if you:

  • Want detailed and focused work on a specific area of discomfort or pain.
  • Like medium to deep pressure.
  • Enjoy engaging and moving through your massage treatment

Why we love Caleb:

  • Caleb has a combination of a light-hearted demeanor and absolute professionalism that is the perfect balance.
  • Caleb listens well, then carefully plans and carries out the massage that will give his client as much relief as possible from their pain or restriction.
  • Caleb has this ability to be incredibly technical with his work, skillfully addressing pain, tension and restriction in a way that feels integrative and supportive