Sarah Ferree


Currently Sarah is not accepting new massage clients. However, as the owner, she can personally attest to the skills of each therapist at Discover Massage. If you’ve been referred to Sarah, please call as she is happy to discuss your needs and expectations to get you connected to the right therapist.

Sarah got into massage thinking it would be better than waiting tables through college!! She had no idea it would turn into her lifelong passion.

After graduating in 1998 from Redfern Training systems in Darien, IL, she moved to Colorado and started her career as a massage therapist.

Sarah loves working with clients that are committed to their personal growth and development. She sees the body and mind as an integrated system and enjoys clients that are receptive to incorporating integrative work into their sessions with her. Sarah’s favorite sessions are those that she can combine her 20+ years of training and experience into a truly integrative session for the client.

When Sarah is not at work you can find her throwing pottery with her husband or hiking with her dogs. Along with massage, Sarah is a Reiki Master and has completed Craniosacral 1 & 2, Somatic Emotional Release 1 and Craniosacral for Chronic Depletion. Sarah is also a Higher Alignment coach and enjoys working with individuals and business leaders to be more authentic so they can share their gifts with the world.

Why we love Sarah:

  • Sarah’s drive for continuing her education, the encouragement and praise for those she surrounds herself with and her commitment to clients are proof of our team leader’s dedication to the field of massage therapy.
  • Her deep empathy and ability to meet you wherever you are at, both physically and emotionally
  • Sarah has a gift for understanding what is going on with her clients and tailors every session to exactly which of her many skill sets fit for them on that day.