We do more than just get you out of pain.

At Discover Massage our Fort Collins Massage Therapists are trained to do more than just get you out of pain. We get to the root of the problem, eliminating pain completely! We use our signature system to make sure you get the massage you need!

Yes, this sounds like one of those yeah, right moments. Sounds too good to be true. Get rid of my back pain, good luck! Headaches, I wouldn’t know how to operate without them at this point! We get it and we see this every day.

Neck Stretch

Yea, but I’ve had massage before you say. Not with us you haven’t.

As therapists, it’s our job not just to make you feel good, but to eliminate the postural dysfunction, muscle tension and weakness that causes your pain. Anyone can put lotion on you for an hour, our therapists use a targeted system to discover the root cause of your pain.

Our Fort Collins Massage Therapists are trained to actively listen to your symptoms and more importantly, your goals. We create a team environment for each and every client. From a detailed and genuine check in before each and every appointment to discuss how you responded to your last massage as well as find out how things have changed since you last saw your massage therapist. Your goals are our goals.

During your detailed massage your therapist will use a combination of techniques best suited for your individual needs.

After your massage, your therapist takes time with you to review your massage and create a treatment plan. Your therapist will also give you suggestions for stretches, workplace set up, and postural exercises that you can do in-between appointments to keep you feeling your best!

Once you get a massage with Discover Massage in Fort Collins you will see (and feel!) the difference in our care and treatment. We are not a fluff and buff or car wash massage clinic. You know, somewhere that just puts lotion on you for an hour. Or the type of massage that just like a clean car, as soon as it rains its like nothing ever happened. Not here, we’ll give you the tools to get through those rainy days, pain free!