Wellness Membership

Wellness Memberships keep stress levels down, eliminate pain and greatly improve your ability to do what you love to do.

Wellness Memberships are a proven way to save money & improve your health.

Receiving regular massages helps you spend less money annually than if you wait until you are in pain to get care.

Regular massages help to keep stress levels down, eliminate pain and increase range of motion as well as improve immune function, support healthy sleep habits and overall quality of life.

Choose from a 6-month or 12-month contract. We’re a little bias, but we think the 12-month contract is the best. You get free cupping upgrades, a FREE massage and you save on additional massages each month.

6 month Wellness Membership

  • Save on monthly massage
  • Auto withdraws from your account every month

12 month Wellness Membership

  • Save on monthly massage
  • Auto withdraws from your account every month
  • Save 20% on any additional services
  • 5 FREE upgrades (Massage Cupping)
  • FREE massage at the end of your contract
Wellness Membership
New Client Special
60 minute massage
90 minute massage
Wellness Memberships
60 minute massage
90 minute massage
Buy 4 and Save
60 minute massage
90 minute massage
Regular Price
60 minute massage
90 minute massage

*Please note, all Buy 4 and Save packages expire 6 months from purchase date.

HSA Payments Accepted

Massage Cupping

Massage Cupping



*5 Free Massage Cupping with purchase of a 12-month Wellness Membership.

New Client Special

Save on your first 60 minute massage.

Evening and weekend appointments are available.
Monthly Membership
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When you sign-up you will not only pay less, you’ll also get 1 free massage.

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Free aromatherapy with every massage!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that receiving a massage, especially your first massage, can come with a lot of questions. Below are some questions that we get very often from clients just like you. We hope that they help you on your journey to optimum health. If we haven’t answered your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What happens if I miss a month?

We encourage our wellness members to schedule their monthly massages in advance. We also encourage our wellness members to find at least two therapists whose skills and techniques work for you. This will greatly reduce your risk missing your monthly wellness massage. However, your wellness massages must be used during the calendar month of their paying for. Massages are not used during the calendar month cannot be rolled over or shared with anyone else. In short, you use it or lose it.

Should you have to late cancel or if you no show an appointment you do have the opportunity to pay the late cancel/no show and use your wellness massage different date during the month. If you do not reschedule your unused massage becomes payment for your late cancel or no show.

What happens if I have to cancel my membership?

There is a cancellation fee to early cancel the six or 12 month contract. Cancellation fees very based on a contract that you have and how much time is left in the contract.

Can I share my membership?

Membership cannot be shared with anyone else.

What if I don’t use all of my upgrades?

You receive five cupping upgrades with your 12 month wellness membership. These must be used with in your membership time period. They cannot be shared and are not valid after your membership expiration.

I have a 60 minute membership, but I want a 90 minute massage this month. Can I do that?

Absolutely! Make sure you tell your therapist and schedule in advance we are happy to add on 30 minutes to your service. What’s even better is that if you have a 12 month contract this is considered an additional service and you will see a 20% discount on your additional 30 minute service.

Do I have to choose one massage therapist or can I go to any of your therapists?

We hope to have the perfect therapist for all of your needs. Each massage therapist we hire has a different technique or area of specialty. We want you to take advantage of that. You can schedule with any therapist and use your wellness membership. We invite you to look at our therapist bios to get a feel for what each therapist has to offer and which therapist will be best for you.

What happens when my membership is over?

No need to shed any tears. We have lots of options for you when your wellness membership is over.

If you have a six month membership you can renew another six month membership or upgrade to a 12 month membership and get the free upgrades and free massage that come with the 12 month membership. We really suggest doing the 12 month membership so you can get the free massage and upgrades!!

If you have a 12 month membership you have two options, you can renew your membership and get the free upgrades, free massage and monthly savings that you received the previous year.  Once you’ve completed a 12 month wellness membership you also have the option to go month-to-month. This does not get you the free upgrades or free massage at the end of your membership but does allow you to save on your monthly massages.

If you are doing a 6 month membership, you do not have the option to go month to month, this is only available to those that have completed a 12 month membership. You can go month to month after you have completed two 6 month memberships.