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About Discover Massage

  • Have you ever gotten a massage and wondered if the 
    therapist even listened to what you wanted work on?
  • Have you been to a massage therapist that didn’t ask about 
    your history or what your goals for massage were?
  • Do you feel like your massage therapist has their own 
    agenda about how your body should heal?

These situations are not only awful, but you'll never experience this at Discover Massage. 

Table at Discover Massage in Fort Collins, CO

Having received massages from therapists that didn’t listen. 
Being injured by therapists for going too deep or ignoring areas 
of injury and trauma and very tired of hearing how her body 
“should” heal, Sarah Hodapp created Discover Massage in 2009 as a sanctuary for people to heal on all levels in a manner that was supportive to the client.

Our therapists are trained to actively listen to you, the client. To create a sacred space where you are not only heard, but your needs are met. We may be experts in massage, but you are the expert when it comes to your body. You can be assured that you and your therapist will be a team in helping you reach your massage goals. 

To gain a deeper understanding of how we do what we do, please visit the 5 Areas of Discovery on Our Methods page.

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