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Discover_Massage_Fort_Collins_Sarah_FerreeMy name is Sarah, I am the owner of Discover Massage. This page isn’t about me, it isn’t even really about Discover Massage…..It’s about you.

YOU are why I started Discover Massage in 2009. Here, you’ll find the benefits and ease of a large chain but the feeling and attention of a private practice. We believe that your experience matters and our therapists take time to listen to your goals and symptoms each session so you get a massage that is perfect for you each and every time.

With the rise of the massage chains and what I lovingly refer to as the factory farming of massage therapy I wanted something more for you. I wanted to create an environment and experience that benefited both you and your therapist.

When you get a massage here, you’ll notice something different. Our therapists take time to connect. You are more than your pain, you are the sum of your experiences. Your experience matters. As massage therapists, we help our clients through stress, pain, grief, loss, marriages, babies, moves, travel, job losses and gains, life changes big and small. Every part of your life is held in your body and your experience of those events matters to us.

Currently in the state of Colorado, massage therapists are not required to do ANY continuing education. Our therapists are required to do a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education outside of the over 40 hour of in-house continuing education we offer our therapists, every year. You know when you see one of our massage therapists you are in good hands (pun intended!!).

When people ask us what we specialize in, I tell them we specialize in relationships. Our therapists are well trained in deep tissue massage, massage for TMJ, whiplash, headaches, thoracic outlet syndrome, trigger point therapy, craniosacral therapy and many other modalities. None of those modalities matter if we’re not connecting to you to make sure we’re helping you do more of what you love.

So really this about page is about you. We are insanely passionate about helping you manage stress and pain so you can do more of what you love. We work with you to educate you about how your body works so you can stay pain free longer. We’re constantly improving our skills and knowledge to make sure you’re getting the best massage in Fort Collins. Most of all, we are listening to where you’re at and what you need so you can get a massage that is perfect for you each and every visit.

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